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In Japanese culture was not about sex consciousness of original sin, as was the case in Christian cultures". Nikkatsu tried to circumvent the new theatrical rules and to compete directly with adult videos by entering their own turf. After the war, appealing to a male audience, the image of young innocent girls have been actively used by the leaders of a mass culture, both in music and in film. It is also a period of hard struggle of the Japanese filmmakers with state censorship for expanding the boundaries for the image on the screen. Until the mid-1990s, AV actress were almost exclusively models in their late teens or early 20s at the time of their debuts. When the hero wakes up, he has a duality in the perception of reality.

Following this debut video, the AV audience follows the actress" journey through sexual awakening, and her eventual specialization, after about five AV appearances, in a specific genre such as lesbianism or SM. If the bride was not a virgin, then shame on primarily fell on the whole family, and the society especially condemned her mother, as she was unable to give proper education of daughters[3]. The following year, Toei company, the main competitor of Nikkatsu, launched a series of sexplotation "Terrifying girls" school[en]" (1972-1973).

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The period from 1964 to 1981 — this time the popularity of the game of "pink films", the main theme of which is imprisonment, slavery, cruelty, torture, rape. Institute of prostitutes existed in Japan for many centuries. In his opinion, movies with naked, abused Schoolgirls were the perfect bait for the cinema audience, which is 100% consisted of men[8]. According to Rosemary Iwamura, she changed the image of the AV actress. Interpretations of Japanese laws have led to numerous criminal proceedings, though it weakened the power of gaining power phenomenon. Hitomi Kobayashi"s career in the AV field would last for over a decade and a half, earning her the title "Japan"s Queen of Adult Video. At this time, due to the growth of the prosperity of the Japanese families, who generally could afford a TV and VCR, pornography moved from public cinemas at home. [18] She appeared in AVs, magazines and theatrical films such as Shint?h? Eiga"s 1986 Eri Kikuchi - Big Breasts ( - Kikuchi Eri Kyonyu). The production companies are typically charged ¥1.

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